SAP/DSC Solution Implementation

We have more than 20 years of experience implementing the SAP/DSC solution in a wide variety of industries

We have extensive experience in different complexities and requirements for their logistics operations, with facilities and resources to be modeled under multinational schemes or with clients totally outside of Mexico (USA and several Latin-American’s countries), creating success stories and long-term relationships with our clients.

Our experience, methodology, practices and “preconfigured” solutions, available 24/7 through our CoE (“Centre of Expertise”), allow us to speed up the implementation efforts at any of its phases, resulting in the possibility of extending our services. through our specialized SAP/DSC AMS Support to the Operation.

Team CoE

BlueLine has over 20 years of experience implementing the SAP/DSC solution, either through implementations entirely managed by BlueLine or participating on larger projects with our specialized expertise on the SAP/DSC solution.

Our experience per module is the following:


More than 10 years in EWM and more than 18 in WMS with solutions that consider:

  • Pick by Cart
  • VAS
  • Batch Management
  • HUM / EWM
  • Task Interleaving
  • Labor Management
  • Serial Number Management


More than 8 years with implementations considering their integration with EWM, ECC and S4 / HANA.

  • Transportation Planning
  • Execution + Event Management
  • Transportation Costs and Settlement
  • Package Building / Load Building
  • Tendering


More than 4 years implementing collaborative “Customer-Supplier” scenarios.

  • PO Confirmations
  • WEB based published Post
  • ASN
  • VMI
  • Forecasting Collaboration


More than 20 years of experience with implementations that consider:

  • Demand Planning
  • Supply Network Planning
  • IBP for Control Tower
  • IBP for Sales & Operations
  • IBP for Demand
  • IBP for Inventory
  • IBP for Response and Supply

SAC – SAP Analytics Cloud

In logistically complex industries, such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Distribution and Transportation
  • Consumer goods
  • Retail
  • Food and drinks
  • Metalworking
  • Fashion
  • Automotive

Our CoE (“Centre of Expertise”) allows us to speed up and support implementation initiatives at any of their phases under a 24/7 scheme, with services such as:

  • Expert resources available for the logistics’ processes and the SAP/DSC modules that support them, both to participate on time or under the “Time and Materials” mode.
  • Our knowledge and experience in “Lean Warehousing” and other Best Practices in DSC for processes, techniques, procedures and methodologies.
  • Expert and punctual assistance in SAP/DSC where it is needed.
  • Assistance in the implementation project deliverable’s generation, to speed up its times.
  • “Pre-built” solutions for different applications according to the type of industry and characteristics of its Supply Chain.

Once the implementation is finished, we can extend our services to ensure the “Business Continuity” through our specialized AMS support services (Help Desk).

We can join the current AMS support service to provide 2nd and 3rd level support, through “tickets”, specialized in the following modules:

  • EWM
  • WMS
  • TM
  • Le-Tra
  • ABAP on the programs developed for the above modules

Key Service Characteristics

More than 20 years of experience implementing the SAP/DSC solution.

Inciso B

Ability to manage “turnkey” projects from their initial analysis to their complete delivery, in the modules of the SAP/DSC solution.

Inciso C

With Consultants expert in the Supply Chain processes and its Best Practices, techniques and procedures, in addition to mastering the SAP/DSC solution modules.

Inciso D

With the ability to speed up implementation initiatives and their solutions through the use of “Pre-built” solutions per industry and our CoE’s (“Centre of Expertise”) support in the deliverables generation.


We extend our services to ensure the “business continuity” through our AMS specialized support services (Help Desk).

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