Supply Chain Operations Assessment

Optimizing Supply Chain processes and practices ensures a solid operational foundation, around which systems and functional’s structures are aligned

Our experience and certification in the processes and practices of the Supply Chain allow us to provide, in a practical and precise way, the industry’s best practices available to obtain direct benefits to the business in a fast way, as well as to manage their implications in the SAP/SCM solution functionality.

The best practices available for these processes are considered and evaluated by our expert team, including:

  • JIT-Just in Time
  • Theory of constraints
  • Operations Synchronization
  • Kan Ban
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Lean Warehousing
  • SCOR Model
Diagnóstico de Oportunidades

Our methodology and work practices allow us to quickly find opportunity areas and dimension them in such a way that support the decision-making process with clear and precise objectives and expectations, as well as the size of the required effort to obtain those benefits.

Supply Chain

While the definition and approval process for medium and long-term initiatives takes place, the benefits can begin to be obtained through “Quick Hits” as a result of this same analysis. These “Quick Hits” are initiatives of short duration in their implementation that allow obtaining results in the short and very short term.

Due to our deep knowledge on the SAP/SCM solution, we can translate the processes changes implications into enablements or adjustments to the functionality of this solution, so that the changes are institutionalized in a practical way in the systems that support them.

Key Service Characteristics:

Supply Chain Operation Assessment scope defined by the processes that make best sense for the business.

Inciso B

Deepening in practices and procedures and even arrangement techniques, layout design, “picking / packing”, “cross docking”, etc. getting to the level of detail that is required.

Inciso C

The opportunities identified are dimensioned in their benefits, efforts and costs, with the necessary level of detail that allow them to be evaluated and make decisions about them, in a clear and comparable way.

Inciso D

The impacts of the changes in the processes are also identified in their implications for the systems, particularly in the modules of the SAP/SCM solution that support them.

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