Centre of Expertise (CoE)

Our CoE (Centre of Expertise) allows us to put at your disposal our extensive experience, knowledge and capabilities, in an “on demand” scheme 24/7

The pillars that sustain our CoE are the deep knowledge of the processes and best practices of the Supply Chain and the packaging of this knowledge in “pre-built” and specialized solutions for different industries, which allows us to speed up the development of specific initiatives as well as take your operational needs down to the continuous improvement process’ needs in an efficient way.

Our CoE operating model allows us to add value to projects and operations, expanding their capabilities and putting all our knowledge and experience at your service in a practical and structured way.

Team CoE

Our specialized knowledge in the processes and best practices of the Supply Chain, as well as our experience in the SAP/SCM solution allows us, through the CoE:

  • Provide Lean Warehousing knowledge and other SCM best practices on processes, procedures and methodologies.
  • Provide expert SAP/SCM assistance where needed.
  • Accelerate the generation of project deliverables.
  • Activate our own “pre-built” solutions, for different industries and SAP/SCM modules.
  • Bring support the Operation through our Technical Support AMS SAP/SCM

Key Service Characteristics:

With expert consultants in the processes of the Supply Chain, as well as their Best Practices, techniques and procedures, in addition to mastering the modules of the SAP/SCM solution.

Inciso B

More than 18 years of experience implementing the SAP/SCM solution.

Inciso C

With the ability to speed up implementation initiatives and their solutions through the use of “Pre-built” solutions by industry.

Inciso D

24/7 support in the generation of deliverables for ongoing implementation initiatives, regardless of the phase they are in.


We extend our services to ensure the “business continuity” through our specialized AMS support services (Help Desk)

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