Our Experience

We have more than 20 years of experience achieving tangible benefits in more than 10 countries all through the continent, in complex and robust logistic operation environment.

Our experience includes industries such as:

Our Services

The combination of our solid capabilities in Supply Chain processes and practices as well as the SAP/DSC suite allow us to deliver comprehensive solutions that integrate best practices and techniques in them.

Supply Chain Operations Assessment
Diagnóstico de Oportunidades de la Cadena de Suministro

Supply Chain operations assessment and best practices implementation

SAP/DSC Capabilities Assessment
Evaluación de Capacidades SAP/SCM

Take the best possible benefits from the SAP/DSC implementation currently in place.

SAP/DSC Solution Implementation
Implementación Solución SAP/SCM

More than 20 years of experience implementing the SAP/DSC modules including its integration with other complementary technologies.


Our Factory specialized in SAP/DSC, S/4Hana, its integrations, cloud development platforms, mobile solutions, etc.

Centre of Expertise (CoE)
Centre of Expertise (CoE)

Our CoE allow us to put our Knowledge Capital available to our clients, through a 24/7 scheme or “on demand” basis.

Soporte Especializado a la Operación (AMS)

We can integrate our specialized AMS service by taking the 2nd and 3rd support level for the EWM, WMS, TM modules and ABAP.

Our SAP/DSC Solutions

We have more than 20 years of experience implementing, optimizing and supporting the SAP/DSC solution and its modules, in a variety of industries and on complex operation environments.

Success Stories

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Success Stories After a “QA” on a previous construction not developed by BlueLine, a reimplementation is performed for EWM 9.4 embedded on S4-Hana 17.09, in ...

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Success Stories EWM 9.5 Stand Alone Implementation with ECC, integrated with SD and MM, including the integration with an Automatic Sorter (KARDEX), with Kitting and ...

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Success Stories Suite SCM Implementation, including EWM 9.4, TM, APO (DP y SNP), SNC, Stand Alone with S4-Hana. BlueLine lead the project from the initial, ...

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Success Stories WMS and Le-Tra’s Implementation in 3 months, including the modeling and Go-Live of a Mayor DC acquired during the 3rd month of the...

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<img style="width:100%;" src="https://www.blueline.com.mx/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Genomma_Lab_Internacional.png">
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Success Stories EWM 9.4 Stand-Alone implementation with S4-Hana. The project was originally assigned to another company until the end of the construction phase. BlueLine is ...

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Multiple EWM and TM implementations and optimizations. Including the EWM and TM standard interfaces modification and expansion to fulfill business’ requirements, the design of the transportation’s model for the primary network, the .implementation of a model to create packages (Package Builder), as well as automation initiatives with EWM and KNAPP.

Improve the items reception efficiency, physical storage, shipping and distribution to the final client. Cost reduction, optimization of the use of resources, stock-out’s reduction, customer service improvement.

3rd Party Logistic Services

Multiple EWM implementations of advanced warehouse and distribution management solutions, point of sale management on SAP to manage new line of business on a 3PL scheme

Increase efficiencies on delivery and other distribution operations, increase the use of resources, improve customer service.

Consumer Goods

Multiple S4/HANA implementation with embedded EWM and TM, on inbounds, physical arrangements, internal logistic processes and deliveries.

Tangible improvements on the speed of delivery and cross docking processes, cost reduction, customer service improving and better use of resources.


Multiple SAP-Retail implementations on a variety of wholesalers clients, including advanced sorting, cross-docking, processes automation (KARDEX), advance functionality (Labor Management, DAS-Dock Appointment Scheduling, VAS-Value Added Services), and LE-TRA (Transportation Management, expenses and payments).

Increase the speed of sorting and delivery, improve Customer Service, reduce costs.

Food and Beverages

Multiple implementations of SCM-EWM / SCM APO including applications oriented to optimize the sorting and delivery considering a demand analysis through the supply chain (SNP-Supply Network Planning / DP-Demand Planning / PPDS-Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling).

Improvements on the supply chain planning processes on the seasoned product catalog, including procurement planning for raw material, inventory reduction, stockouts reduction, improve on the inventory mix, improve on the suppliers collaboration.


Multiple S4/HANA implementations with Embedded EWM to speed up the inbounds, sorting, internal logistics and outbound processes.

Back-order and lead time reduction to final clients, inventory accuracy increase on 99%, Customer Service increase, cost reduction, improve on the use of resources.


Multiple SAP-Retail implementations on wholesalers clients specialized on fashion products, including advanced sorting, cross-docking, processes automation (KARDEX), advance functionality (Labor Management, DAS-Dock Appointment Scheduling and VAS-Value Added Services).

Optimize inventory levels on high demand seasons, manage size/color catalogs sorting through prepacks assembling, reduce costs, improve inventory mix, improve use of resources.


ECC 6.0 to S4/HANA conversions, Digital Supply Chain migration processes assistance for warehousing processes for spare parts and other inventory items.

Cost reduction on spare parts inventories, improve the use of resources and the coordination between other operative areas, improve the inventory accuracy for spare parts on 95%.

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