Specialized Support to the Supply Chain Operation (AMS)

Our service attends AMS support at the 2nd and 3rd level. We integrate ourselves to the 1st Level service currently in operation, either internal or external

We have specialized AMS support services, available 24/7 to ensure the business operational continuity, on the following modules of the SAP / SCM Suite:

  • EWM
  • WMS
  • TM
  • LeTra
  • Specialized ABAP development related to the above modules
Specialized BlueLine Support

For attend the Continuous Improvement processes, our CoE team has the ability to receive those needs detected by support and/or the Operation itself, and attend them according to the needs of each initiative, making the best use of our experience and knowledge, always available. through our CoE.

Our practices allow us to document the solutions to the incidents reported in such a way that they enrich the knowledge base used on the support service, allowing our clients to take the 2nd Support level with their own resources when the stability of the operation allows it.

Key Service Characteristics:

We connect with the current 1st Level Support Service in use, regardless of whether it is own by our Client or outsourced.

Inciso B

The adjustments, improvements or “Walkarounds” are defined, documented and fed into the Support Database that is in use. In such a way that it facilitates the take over of this service by another entity different from BlueLine at the moment that is desired.

Inciso C

Our expert resources are always available to assist where needed and ensure the business continuity.

Inciso D

Those incidents that result in “Improvements” are quickly directed to be covered by the Improvement Team of our CoE.

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