Batch Management

Gestión de lotes

How to manage stock of the same product, but with different characteristics with SAP EWM?

One of the most relevant data of any material or raw material is the batch, and every company must have the ability to respond through batches with certain characteristics and quantities defined in a unique way to determine the behavior of the material within the warehouse.

  • Capture relevant details in SAP s / 4 HANA and SAP EWM of products that are perishable or have a certain time to be recycled or returned.
  • Include characteristics that affect the way the product is handled in the warehouse.
  • In SAP EWM, batches are distributed from SAP ERP to SAP EWM via CIF, unlike Embedded EWM, where there is no need to distribute batches.
  • In an outbound delivery when creating a picking task, the system selects only the batches that correspond to a selection of predefined criteria for each item.
  • In an inbound delivery, it is possible to create batches and change them in the quality inspection status.

Reception of merchandise and batch management

  • If the batch ALREADY exists in SAP EWM, it can be used for creating warehouse tasks.
  • If the batch DOES NOT YET exist in SAP EWM, it can be created automatically from the creation of the inbound delivery or manually in the inbound delivery.
  • If THERE IS NO BATCH AVAILABLE in SAP EWM, the system uses the defined number range.

Good Issue and Batch Management

  • The batch selection criteria can be assigned and distributed to SAP EWM on delivery from SAP ERP.
  • SAP EWM can determine MULTIPLE batches in case the quantity of a batch is insufficient for what is required.

10 fundamentals of batch management.


Part of the master data properties in SAP ERP and SAP EWM.

The batch number is distributed in the delivery item from SAP EWM to SAP ERP.

Batches are centrally managed in SAP ERP as well as SAP EWM.

The batches are distributed from SAP ERP to SAP EWM through CIF.

The data of each batch depend on the class and characteristics.


You can use a documentary batch, not managed by inventory (IM).

They allow capturing properties from the Stock.

In SAP EWM you can create and change a batch.

In SAP EWM, the batch can be restricted or unrestricted.

Focused on monitoring products at different levels of the warehouse.

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