Task Interleaving

Currently, the massive consumption of products has exploded, the environment in which we develop demands that the distribution centers act quickly and effectively to make optimal use of resources, without affecting the workforce of labor costs.

Warehouse workers waste too much time moving from one point to another to complete warehouse tasks or take on new assignments.

Task interleaving is used to avoid downtime of resources within the warehouse (movement of resources without product/HU) and provides efficiency and productivity of the warehouse resource up to 25 -35%.
Task interleaving functionality was already inherent in SAP LE-WMS, however SAP EWM went deep to make it much more effective. Task interleaving integrates from SAP SCM EWM 7.0 as part of SAP EWM resource management.

  • Optimize the time spent by resources on routes through the warehouse, from an inbound delivery, internal process, outbound delivery, moving from one queue to another, as needed.
  • Ensures that the available resource capacity is running with the least amount of downtime possible within each shift.
  • Task interleaving is within the best practices of SAP EWM.
  • The use of task interleaving is recommended in operations with resources
    that are authorized to be in inbound and outbound processes.
Flujo del proceso

Assign resources to the appropriate type and group, maintain effective control of the warehouse task sequence by configuring queues, type of queues, and sequence. Thus, a warehouse resource will keep processing warehouse tasks through the Radio Frequency environment, jumping from one queue to another, resulting in the least dead time between each shift.

The resource can execute warehouse tasks within all processes that involve it within the warehouse if:

  • There are open tasks.
  • These tasks are within the queue sequence that has been defined for a certain resource or group of resources.
  • If there is more than one task open, then the system will always determine under geographic coordinates which task is closest to the resource.

The warehouse resource will work within the RF menu “managed by system”, and will begin to process the warehouse tasks, upon confirming the first warehouse task, the system will seek to assign the next warehouse task with “open” status, if the system finds more than one task with the same status, it will take the task that, based on the location-level coordinates, is the closest to the resource; thus optimizing the transfers within the warehouse.

The resource will process each warehouse task in the same way, depending on whether they are within the defined configuration.

The interlacing of tasks is functionality that par excellence improves productivity significantly, if you want to integrate this functionality in the warehouse you must take extreme care with change management.

Task Interleaving

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