Dock Appointment Scheduling

Dock Appointment Scheduling

The market has changed, the consumer experience is automated and becomes more sophisticated day after day, the demand for distribution centers and warehouses is in one of its greatest booms, however; only a small percentage makes optimal use of the space in which all the incoming and outgoing traffic of goods takes place … the Yard.


The warehouse’s approach to yard management has weakened the way the movement of different carriers in the warehouse yard is managed. The confusion in the shifts and days of arrival and departure of transport units causes considerable delays, which makes the optimization of yard management more INEFFICIENT.

The characteristics of SAP EWM must be executed as a comprehensive ecosystem to optimize the system and trigger optimal benefits for the business.
SAP Dock Appointment Scheduling is a functionality that allows you to optimize times in the yard and reduce downtime.

The characteristics that your warehouse can achieve with an optimal implementation of SAP Dock Appointment Scheduling (DAS) are the following:

  • Coordinate arrivals and departures of transport units to the warehouse effectively.
  • Provides visibility for the shipping office and carriers.
  • Distribute the time in which the transport units remain at the door during loading and unloading.
  • It effectively increases the planning of transport units and considerably reduces waiting time in the yard.
  • It allows internal management of the workload by warehouse users.
  • This functionality is available in Embedded EWM or as a Standalone.
  • DAS ensures that the carrier arrives on the agreed date, time, and location, avoiding internal congestion in the yard.
  • Using embedded EWM, it is possible to integrate SAP Internet of Things (IOT) functionality with automatic license plate reading to automate check-in and check-out.
  • Docking locations and loading points are some important appointment structures, these are created in SAP Dock Appointment Scheduling from Tx. NWBC.
  • Docking locations are a group of loading points that have common characteristics such as address and time zone.
  • Loading points are docks in the warehouse used for loading or unloading.

The SAP DAS process flow with SAP EWM comprises an integration that is working in real time in a synchronized manner.

If SAP DAS is implemented as an integrated functionality with SAP EWM it can be orchestrated and maximized with other SAP components, such as:

  • SAP EWM – Extended Warehouse Management (Embedded or Standalone).
  • SAP TM – Transportation Management (Embedded).
  • SAP S/4 HANA.
  • SAP YM -Yard Management.
  • SAP IOT – Internet of Things.

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