Yard Management


The poor visibility of the Yard Management is a fairly common problem, the first and last thing a carrier sees when entering the warehouse is the yard, a place
where with the help of an adequate physical distribution and a correct mapping logistics of locations can be achieved to achieve incredible optimization.

Yard Management totally changes the view in which warehouse yards have been used for a long time, as the focus was solely on the unique optimization of the
warehouse interior.

With Yard Management, we can control, monitor, and track the transportation units entering and leaving the warehouse.

Yard Structure

  • A yard represents a location outside the warehouse that is used to manage the entry and exit of transport units (TU). In SAP EWM, a Yard is defined as a special warehouse type with a Yard storage function; can also be modeled as a warehouse.
  • Checkpoints are entry and exit points from a Yard. It is possible for a warehouse to have more than one.
  • The parking space is an area in the yard where transport units (TU) are parked for a short time if there are no doors available to load or unload goods.
  • A yard door is a physical object, which has a direct assignment to another warehouse object which is the warehouse door. This yard door acts as a link between the warehouse and the SAP EWM Yard.
  • Check-In and Check-Out manage the entry and exit of the Transport Units (TU) at the control point.

General premises in Yard Management

With Yard Management, the shipping office can plan the arrival and departure of Transportation Units (TU).

There is the option to “park” the Transport Units (TU) before their arrival at the Yard door for the unloading / loading of goods.

It reduces the downtime of the Transport Units (TU), optimizing the process of entry and exit of goods.

Check-In and Check-Out are used in the Yard to manage the arrival and departure of a Transport Unit (TU) to / from the Yard checkpoint.

  • You can print or send e-mails with document data using the output of PPF (Post Processing Framework).
  • The movements of Transport Units (TU) are executed through Yard tasks (WT YARD).
  • Yard tasks (WT YARD) can be confirmed automatically, manually, and via radio frequency environment.
  • Yard management activities, such as, overview, locations, and yard doors; can be monitored.

It is important to consider creating a location for each of the multiple storage units created for the Yard. The locations defined for the Yard are assigned to each of the organizational structures to allow the bin-to-bin movement of a Transport Unit within the Yard, which represents the physical movement of the vehicle. They also help to track the location of a transport unit (TU) on the warehouse monitor via transaction / N / SCWM / MON.

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